HDD Unlock Wizard

HDD Unlock Wizard 4.2

It is able to provide reincarnation to you inaccessible Locked hard disks

HDD Unlock Wizard is a window based utility. It works as a new life for your locked hard disks, as it is competent to unlock almost all hard disks of major brands available in market. You may know that all hard disks have possibilities of setting a hardware password other then BIOS password which is easy to hack. But an HDD password or say ATA password can make your drive completely inaccessible for extreme security unless a correct password is supplied during BIOS POST test. It is the special feature of Notebook computers but some Desktop computers can also lock hard disk. But if you forget your HDD password then your hard disk is permanently locked n there is no way to reset the HDD password like BIOS setup password. Even if you attach this hard disk to other system then still it will remain locked. In that situation HDD Unlock Wizard is able to provide reincarnation to you inaccessible hard disk. Its proprietary unlocking algorithms can remove any unknown HDD password and you do not required to give any hint of password as it is not working as a normal password cracker tool. Removal of a HDD password is a slow process and total time required to remove HDD password is depending on the size of the hard disk and type of hard disk. A small 2.5” notebook hard disk takes more time as compared to normal Desktop hard disk. Presently it supports IDE and SATA hard disks.

Manoj Goel
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  • Support IDE and SATA hard drives
  • Support all major brands of hard disks
  • Removing of password is very easy process
  • Support desktop and Notebooks HDD password removal


  • Takes time to remove password
  • Can’t remove password of notebook HDD directly from Notebook
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